Is Writing a “Lightweight” Profession?

Chunks of Marble on a Lorry in India -- Photo Credit: John and Sheila Squier's Travelogue

I know a woman who sculpts voluptuous nudes out of marble. They’re quite beautiful, many of them polished to a splendid sheen. When she showed me her studio in her garage, I saw huge, rough-looking chunks of stone just waiting for her to liberate the ladies trapped within. Now marble chunks like that aren’t so easy to come by.  When she runs out, she can’t just dash down to Target for more.  She often has to go where the stuff actually “grows” — to places like Italy, France, Greece, India or Vermont.  When she picks out just the right chunks in just the right sizes and colors, she has to have the darn things transported to a boat, slowly shipped to California, then lugged up her steep driveway to her garage. Once arrived, the freeing of the maidens can finally begin.  The whole process is almost too exhausting to think about. It makes me appreciate that I’m a writer, definitely a “lightweight” profession compared to sculpting. Of course, back in the day when writing meant chiseling words into slabs of rock, the two professions were closer in weight. But today, all I have to do is snap shut my tiny red notebook computer, slip it into my purse and trot on down to Starbucks where I can sit in my favorite orange velvet upholstered wing chair (if it’s vacant),  sip on my icy-cold blended mocha coconut frappuccino, tap-tap on the keyboard, picture my friend struggling with granite in her garage,  and be grateful that the Good Lord made me a writer and not a sculptor. Whew!


One response to “Is Writing a “Lightweight” Profession?

  1. It was a cute story. I’m thankful for being a writer.

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