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Authors Love Being Top Dog

Authors Are Top Dogs in Self-Publishing
-- Photo by Sylvia Cary

So here I am, waiting patiently in the car while my owner trots inside to buy a book.  How quaint is that!  How old-school. She’s the only dog owner I know who still buys the real thing.  (Guess there’s one in every crowd).  Much as I love chewing on traditional  books, self-publishing is way more cool. Self-publishing has  chased away all the gate-keepers (and do I hate gate-keepers) down the street.  Self-publishing has made them “redundant,” as the Brits say. And guess who’s in the driver’s seat now?  Guess who’s free to roam?  Guess who doesn’t have anybody yelling “no!” at them or, worse yet, “not for us?” Ya got it, pally! Self-published authors!  And if you think for one moment that self-published authors are going to give up all that fun without a fight, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

If only I could talk.

When I think about how my owner could self-publish her own story (and she’s got one, believe me!) or do an e-book instead of paying money to read someone else’s story, it kills me. Doesn’t she get it? Doesn’t she see the fun she’s missing? And don’t even breathe on me about what those naysayers are bow-wowing about, trying to scare off indie authors by telling them  that self-publishing is  a house of cards about to tumble down.  I’d like to take a rolled-up newspaper to those party-poopers  (excuse the pun).  The good news is that author Nathan Bransford barked right back at them in his March 7th blog ( when he told them, “Get used to the self-publishing boom. We’re just getting started.” Go, Nathan! (He’s just got to be a dog owner).

If only I could talk.

Obviously, Nathan got a good whiff of the self-publisher’s spirit. He knows being a Top Dog author is just too damn much fun, along with the hard work, to pass up. When self-publishing guru Dan Poynter says 81% of people feel they’ve got a book inside them, well I say it’s the same thing for dogs.

If only I could talk.

But it won’t be long. This is strictly on the QT, but I’ve been working on this little project out back in my dog-house.  It’s  called “the iPaw.”  Someday every dog will be able to tap out his or her story. Someday every dog will have his day.

Someday this car will be mine.

copyright Sylvia Cary, LMFT