Monthly Archives: July 2012

Finishing a Book is So Nice and Relaxing

My Favorite Pin-Up Cat, Diamond, Hanging Out Enjoying the July 4th Holiday — Photo Sylvia Cary

My favorite day is always the day I finish a big project. I’ve been working on my book called The Therapist Writer: Helping Mental Health Professionals Get Published for two years, which is a year longer than I thought it would take, and it’s finally finished. Yay! It should be available as soon as it is professionally proofed and printed, then it will go up online and the mad marketing begins!  Today, the 4th of July, is also the first anniversary of starting this blog. Exactly a year ago I wrote about “writer independence” and I’m still writing about writer independence because it’s still my favorite topic. I love the excitement I see in the many self- and indie published authors I know. They’re crazy about the feeling of being in charge of their own creative projects.

I could go on, but not today. Today, while my husband is visiting with his adult sons, I’m just hanging out with Diamond and cleaning out desk drawers, a treat I allow myself as a reward for finishing something.

But we live near a park and soon the official July 4th fireworks will start, so Diamond will most likely jump up and run under the bed. I’ll need to comfort her until the big noise is over, perhaps even give her a little talk about cat independence.

Happy 4th to all.