If You Could See Me Now

Fireworks-in-Green- Photo Credit Flickr Link: 1894019504_c37a88042a.jpg

Photo Credit Flickr Link: 1894019504_c37a88042a.jpg

This particular July 4th has a special meaning for me. Two days ago, July 2nd, was the sixth-month anniversary of the death of my lovely husband, Lance Wolstrup. Today, July 4th, is the second anniversary of this blog. Lance was always proud of me for starting a blog and whenever I’d get lazy about posting, he’d whisper in my ear: “How’s the blog coming along?” He would read what I ‘d written before I posted it and we’d talk about it. I miss those talks. He would also gently nag me about finishing my book, which I finally did, and it was published just a few months before he died.  We were married for 28 years, and he always wanted me to do well, to have success, to have my dream. He was like that. Whenever I spoke at an event for therapists or writers, or if I was on a radio or TV show, he’d want to know all about  it the minute I got home. He was interested in my world. I miss that, too.

So, Lance (can you believe I used to call you “Lancy-Pants!”), I’m dedicating this second anniversary blog post to you.  If you could see me now, I hope you’d be proud:  I  didn’t abandon the blog.  Though not prolific, I hung in there even when I had widow business, including moving, to attend to.  I’ve been marketing the book, too, and recently I was a “guest expert” on a Cable TV show called BOOK BEAT, which turned out to be great fun. If they have YouTube in heaven, perhaps you can catch the show there.  Knowing you, you’ll be interested — although I’d prefer it if I could just run home and talk with you about it face to face. And how about this, Lancy-Pants? In your honor, today’s post is the very first time I’ve ever inserted a video clip into my blog. Guess how I learned how to do that one? On YouTube! So gimme five!

Therapist Writers Tune In and Listen Up

Now on to my fellow tribe members — my colleagues who are both therapists and writers. I hope you will get something out of the video clip I’ve inserted below (I’ll be posting others later on). This first short segment from a 20-minute show is an overview of what The Therapist Writer is all about. The interviewer, Jean-Noel Bassior, asks questions such as why I felt it was necessary to write a book about writing aimed at mental health professionals; why therapists worry when they write about their patients; and how therapist writers can protect a client’s confidentiality (and avoid getting sued)  by using the “art of disguise.”

Interviewer Jean-Noel Bassior and Sylvia discussed why write a book just for therapist writers, why therapists worry about writing about patients, and how therapist writers can disguise who they are writing about to avoid getting sued

Sylvia Cary, LMFT, on BOOK BEAT  Photo by Susan Levin

Now, Lance, back to you. Your 28 years of encouragement have helped me carry on, so not to worry. All I have to do now is just think of your words, “How’s the blog coming?” or “When is that article due again?” and I scramble to my desk (or any of the other places I like to write) and I get to work, as that line from an old song wafts around in my brain: “If you could see me now…”  So if you’ve got your laptop up there with you, go to YouTube and type in “Sylvia Cary writer” and catch the rest of the BOOK BEAT clips — or if you prefer, you can wait until my next blog. I assume you’re following me, right?

(c) Sylvia Cary, LMFT

One response to “If You Could See Me Now

  1. catherine Yesayan

    this was a super delicate and heartfelt story.

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