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flags on fence-IMG_0440 (1)

July 4th, 2019 — a block party in the heart of Los Angeles, celebrating Independence Day. It’s probably a duplicate of the block party that took place in your neighborhood today, somewhere in America. However, in case you missed it, here it is again — with all the required 4th of July elements — for you to enjoy, just as though you’d been there!

Flags on Fences:

flag fan-IMG_0515

Balloons and Chips:balloons-IMG_0442

Yummy Food:

cakes-july 4



food 2-IMG_0454



Raffle Tickets:

raffle tickets-IMG_0506

A Watermelon Eating Contest:

watermelon eater-IMG_0473

An Egg Tossing Contest:

carton of eggs-IMG_0524

egg throwing-IMG_0532

Can You See 2 Wayward Eggs Below?

wayward eggs-IMG_0568


egg on pavement-IMG_0567

One of the Happy Raffle Winners

raffle winner claudia

I Hope You Enjoyed Your Independence Day!

PS: FYI — Today, the 4th of July, is the 8th Anniversary of this blog.

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