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When that Little Bundle Arrives on Your Doorstep

What a special day when “the box” containing your books finally arrives at your front door! Photos by Sylvia Cary

When you get that first box of books from the printer, your books, and you take one out and hold it — it’s like bringing home the new baby from the hospital. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying. What do I do with it now? Well, if it’s a baby, you bring it up. If it’s a book, you market it. If it’s a proof copy of your book (as in my case), you read through it for typos and mistakes and then you upload the corrected version to the printer ASAP so you can get that baby out into the big world at last.

Whether you’re a therapist writer or a non-therapist who writes, here’s what you’ll find inside The Therapist Writer:

  • Why therapists should get published
  • The benefits of getting published
  • What’s going on in the publishing world
  • What have e-books got to do with it?
  • Special issues for therapist writers (confidentiality)
  • Legal issues for therapist writers (copyright, trademarking, piracy)
  • Building a beginner’s platform
  • Nailing your niche
  • Figuring out your audience
  • “Content on the Couch”
  • Hints and tips
  • Best publishing options for you
  • Writing book proposals
  • Getting an agent
  • Marketing Like Mad – A-Z
  • The future of publishing for therapist writers

Hopefully, in a few weeks, The Therapist Writer will be available. It’s a year overdue!  Can’t wait to share it with you!

Copyright (C) Sylvia Cary, LMFT

  • Anybody remember galleys? Back in the old days,  advance copies were long, slimy sheets of paper. Authors had to make corrections and snail mail the slimy galleys back to the publisher. Today, proof copies look like real book. They’re great for sending out to people for blurbs and testimonials, and you get to see what your book will look like — in advance. Amazon’s CreateSpace lets you order five proofs for under $25.00, including mailing. Such a deal!.

Celebrating Writer Independence!

It’s Independence Day! July 4th. A Big Day here in the U.S.  What a perfect  time to launch my blog (The Therapist Writer), aimed at scribes who also happen to be mental health professionals. The purpose of this blog is to celebrate (and benefit from) the many changes that have taken place in the book business over the past decade, making it easier than ever  for writers of all stripes (including therapist writers) to get published.

Some of the factors that have combined to bring about this perfect storm favoring writers include:  The economic downturn of the traditional (New York) publishing industry; the explosion of the Internet; the digital revolution;  the diminishing powers of the gatekeepers (agents, publishers, publicists, reviewers); the ease and affordability of indie authorship; the lessening of the stigma about being self-publishing; the success of eBooks and the expanding opportunities for online book distribution and marketing.

All these things have freed writers to achieve their mission of getting their work out into the world.  There’s also a wealth of material (including other blogs!) to  guide, teach and encourage writers through this process. Because I’m a psychotherapist as well as a published author (see my profile), my focus in this blog  will be helping my fellow mental health professionals get published. But even if you’re not a therapist, I can promise you that the information, advice, hints, tips, stories, resources and others goodies you’ll find here will facilitate your creative independence so you can continue to practice (and hopefully profit from) your craft.  So, writers — start your computers! I hope you enjoy this blog. Happy Independence Day!