Just Published!

The Therapist Writer:

Helping Mental Health

Professionals Get Published

“Getting a book published is the quickest way for a mental health professional  to become known as an expert, which translates into more attention, more referrals, more business and more money. While the idea of writing a book might seem daunting, it is doable. I did it. Other therapists have done it. You can do it. “ — Sylvia Cary, LMFT, The Therapist Writer

The Therapist Writer by Sylvia Cary, LMFT (licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is about how to turn your professional experience and expertise into a published book.   TimberlakePress.com TheTherapistWriter.com Amazon.com and Kindle

first book on writing aimed at therapists

There are plenty of books out there on writing, on publishing, and on the field of psychology — but this is the first book on commercial writing (as opposed to thesis and dissertation writing) aimed at helping those in the  mental health professionals get published.

And the benefits of getting published, for therapists as well as those in any profession, are many. Getting published:

  • Qualifies you as an “expert”
  • Helps you build your practice
  • Serves as a marketing tool
  • Provides financial gains
  • Provides a service
  • Frees you from wrangling with managed care
  • Creates your legacy
  • Offers psychological satisfaction
  • Helps with personal growth
  • Helps you make a difference

“Finally, a step-by-step guide for therapists to make their book idea into a completed manuscript.” — Marti Olsen Laney,  Psy.D., author of The Introvert Advantage

Available on Amazon and Kindle.


3 responses to “Just Published!

  1. Hello Sylvia: Like you we took publishing into our own hands. Voila, our book:

    We have been following your blog and loving it. We hope you and your readers might take a look.

    Many thanks-


    • Hi,
      I remember you. I was getting a lot of spam on my blog and cut off comments, but it’s so nice to hear you have completed your book! I’ll investigate it!

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